• Mom

    Lovely! I’m glad to see that you get some tme to see your surroundngs (asde from skng) & to relax a bt – there’s nothng lke a lttle photography stroll to do that!

  • Margo Brunning

    H dustn, We are all so proud of your accomplshments. Great job ths week & on the Roche cup wn – nce to have your name along sde all those successful racers. Congrats. The Brunnng’s

  • Wendy Cook

    Hey Dude: Way to go; fnshng 1st n the U.S. Natonal Champonshps. We are beyond proud; you deserve t. Your name wll look great on the Roche Cup. Lstenng to you on 91.5 today n Ottawa was such a hgh; my nephew the celebrty. Keep up the good work Dustn and have lots of fun! We love you………..Wendy and Jenna. xoxo

  • chloe beaudoin ki mont saint marie

    h am chloe beaudon from msm and am n k1 wth beca am dong a bo on you n enlsh class and was lookng at youre pctures and they are awsome, msm s so prowd to have you as a racer f you stll dont know who am am ben beaudon sster

    good luck at youre next race

  • Patti

    I love to take a stroll through your photos. They are awesome! Thanks for sharng them :)

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