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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Downhill Walkthrough

This post got a fair amount of press last year during the Olympics, and I think it’s a
neat thing to have personally, so I am keeping it alive here!

» Whistler, BC

I had a lot of great feedback the last time I did a course run-through at Lake Louise, so what better place to do another one than at my favourite downhill track, the Dave Murray Downhill for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! This track has a lot more to it than the LL course so it’s pretty long!

It’s a little crazy how different the TV cameras make the track look, compared to what it looks like while actually on course. So much so that while watching the guys come down after I did my forerun, I found myself thinking “Where is he right now?!” A little embarassing but oh well. Anyways, without further ado, here is the walkthrough:

Olympic Start House

They really built up the start gate from previous years. Its about 75 meters of straight bully before you need to turn!

This is the first section of the course. Flat and rolly. It’s hard to see because
there are no panels, but the track follows the dye over the rolls.

The first “challenge” in the course is this camel hump. Light on the first one, air off the second.

After a few Super-G turns you get to a decent-sized right-leg turn.

Same right legger. You can see how it drops off at the end because it’s a jump as well!

Off the jump you need to get straight onto the left foot to make this cranker into the Weasel Flats section.

This angle gives you a little more clarification on how steep the previous section is.

The Weasel section ends with a big left-footer turn. You can feel yourself slow down
significantly through the left legger because it’s such a big, flat turn.

But not to worry! You drop into the extremely steep Toilet Bowl section after the big left footer. Don’t scrub
any speed on the left footer at the bottom of the pitch because that’s a big flat/uphill ahead.

Following another right-footer “tunnel” jump, you drop off of the Fallaway turn. I’ve never seen a fallaway
like this one, or experienced a compression as big as the one at the bottom of this pitch!

After a short flats after the Fallaway, you are sucked into The Sewer. This huge sidehill is new for the Olympics.

Off the sidehill you really get into The Sewer. Sewer is by far the fastest section of the course,
and with a nearly 180 degree turn (Coaches Turn) at the bottom it’s quite intimidating.

After Coaches you come across a long, slightly sidehill, left-footer that we nicknamed The Punisher.
By this point your legs are burning and the long left-footer does little to help your legs!

After a cranky right-footed turn out of The Punisher there are a few single gates
before the final two jumps of the course. This first one is called Boyd’s Chin.

The landing of Boyd’s Chin and the takeoff of Murr’s Hoppe. It’s a fairly small flight off of
Boyd’s Chin, but Murr’s Hoppe can have some decent air and distance!

The view off of the last jump, showcasing the giant stands! Can’t wait to see those packed full of cheering, screaming (hopefully Canadian) fans!!