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About Me

born: Feb. 11, 1989
hometown: Ottawa, ON
weight: 87kg
height: 183cm


skis: Stöckli
boots: Head
bindings: Salomon
poles: Swix
helmet: Sweet Protection
eyewear: Oakley

Nicknames: Cookie, Dusty – both for obvious reasons. iCook because I’m the guy everyone on the team goes to when they have a computer problem, and I only use Apple computers.

First memory of skiing: It’s fuzzy, but in my first race ever I went around the finish line instead of across it, just like we did in inspection!

Best moment in ski racing: Seeing #2 on the screen after a wicked run at World Championships in Colorado! That entire day was full of some of the best moments of my life.

Worst moment in ski racing: The 2013 world championships in Schladming, Austria. It was an amazing experience but my performance was woeful. Learn from it and move forward. .

What’s the best thing about your hometown? It’s a small big city that doesn’t take long to get anywhere, the skiing community is awesome, and my friends/family are there.

The most surprising thing in your suitcase when you’re on the road: I used to travel with a mini sink plunger to loosen up my insanely tight IT bands. They’ve gotten a little better over the years, thankfully.

Describe your favourite thing to eat or drink during race season: The only staple of my diet is this crazy ‘superfood greens’ powder stuff. It tastes awful, but keeps me sane while eating heavy, nutritionally lacking, Euro food for most of the winter.

If you could design your own World Cup spot anywhere in the world, where would it be? It would be in North America because we spend way too much time in Europe every season when we have unreal mountains on this side of the pond!

Where is your favourite place to race or train? Colorado, hands down. Best snow in the world, bluebird all the time, can’t beat it! Mammoth Mountain and Whistler are really fun too.

Person you look up to most in ski racing: Bode Miller, for sure. The way he carved his own path and didn’t conform to the strict stigmas of ski racing – basically being his own person. My teammates. I know how hard we all work and what we’ve all gone through to get where we are.

If you could bring any three people in the world – living or from the past – to one of your races, who would they be? My grandfather, who was one of my biggest supporters and never got the chance to see one in person. Also my mom and dad, who are my #1 fans and behind me no matter what.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation, no question about it. Nothing could be better than that. Except maybe never having to hear a Nickelback song ever again…

If you could build your dream home anywhere in the world, where would it be? Somewhere on a lake with a great view and plenty of trees.

Something no-one knows about you: I love craft beer. Wait a second….

Favourite brewery: There are a few, haha. Odell Brewing in Colorado, Stone (California), The Alchemist (Vermont), Tooth & Nail (Ottawa!), Sawdust City (Muskoka), Nickelbrook (Burlington, ON), Dogfish Head (Delaware), Schneider Weisse (Germany)

Favourite activities other than skiing: Hanging out with friends. You get to see your friends so little when you are on the road. That and mountain biking. Mountain biking with friends, then hanging out with them!

When I’m not skiing, you can probably find me: Outside, playing, relaxing, or with Abby.

What’s a talent you wish you had? Any sort of musical talent.

On your iPod: ODESZA. A lot of EDM, and a bit of eclectic stuff.

Favourite movie: Lucky Number Slevin. The Hangover. Inception. It’s a Wonderful Life, we watch it every year at Christmas.

Describe yourself in three words: Laidback, confident, fun.




dustin cook

Full time drone photographer. Part-time world cup winning ski racer.

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