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The 2017 World Alpine Ski Championships kick off tomorrow with downhill training runs in St Moritz, Switzerland. I’m super excited to be here (especially considering a year ago I was just starting to do squats at this point) and ready to get going!

I just wanted to take a second to say a huge thank you to my sponsors and supporters. It’s a tough road for any athlete to get to the World Cup, and not having to worry about funding is a huge burden that is lifted when companies or individuals come to bat for you. I’ve been lucky to have some great sponsors over the past many years, namely the Sprott Money group, and The Silver Group. Sprott Money was a headgear sponsor for many years, and is now proudly displayed on my shoulder, and The Silver Group has been a shoulder patch sponsor since I was in my teens (feeling old! ;). Both companies and the people behind them have supported me through thick and thin over the years, and have provided me with a lot of awesome opportunities outside the world of sport.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Marler & Associates, they’ve been by my side since I was on the Development Team, helping me out in too many ways to count!

And of course I wouldn’t get anywhere very quickly without my equipment sponsors. I feel fortunate to have been with most of the companies I partner with for years, and it’s great to know they have my back. HEAD, Oakley, Helly Hansen, Sweet Protection, Swix. These are all products I believe in and would be using regardless!

A huge thanks to everyone that supports me, I wouldn’t be here without you and I truly appreciate it!


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