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It’s tough to believe it’s already 2017 and that we’re 1/3 of the way through the World Cup season already, but here we are!

It’s been a bit of a strange season so far, with Lake Louise getting cancelled early on, and Beaver Creek getting (prematurely) cancelled due to “lack of snow” in the West. A huge bummer for the exrth American teams, which meant we had to go over to Europe early and lose our only home races. But the tour must go on and we had makeup races in Val d’sere and Santa Caterina.

It’s been awesome to be back on the circuit! The work I put in all of last year while on the sidelines, and this summer returning to snow has been paying off and I feel great on my skis. The mental aspect of returning to competition was a bit tougher than I expected, especially my first race back, which was in Val d’sere.

For a full year I had been anticipating and preparing for my first race back to be on a track I knew (Lake Louise, followed by Beaver Creek) so the change in schedule was a bit of a wrench in that program. But, all things considered I’m pretty happy with a 13th in that race. I had a huge mistake up top, but put my nose into it and was one of the fastest on the bottom. I followed that up on a track I’m familiar with in Val Gardena with a 6th place. I’m really proud of that one and it showed me that I can be back with the best of the best where I believe I belong.

FIS threw another wrench in the program for the North American contingent, rescheduling the cancelled Lake Louise Super G in Santa Caterina over Christmas. That meant an extended stay in Europe and no Christmas with family back home.

The race in Santa Caterina was definitely one of my worst performances in a long time. A lot of things went into it but in the end there are no excuses and I just need to learn from it and be better at the next one. The part that bugs me the most is that I’m skiing well and fast right now, so to throw away a great opportunity like that is such a bummer.

As we enter the New Year there is still plenty of racing left to be done this season, with some exciting races coming up. Kitzbuhel, World Champs, Garmisch, Norway, WC Finals in Aspen to name a bunch.

After a hectic few weeks I’m taking a few days off snow to get a couple workouts in, and recharge my brain for a long stint of Europe time coming up!