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A year and a half since my last race, I was back in the gate this morning in Solden! It’s been an interesting process to get to this point, this is how it breaks down:

Unfortunately I haven’t done much GS training this summer. With the complete lack of snow in Ushuaia, my focus turned to training speed for the better part of a month in Chile. On one hand it’s a bummer because my GS isn’t where I want it to be, but on the other hand I feel awesome in Super G and pretty good in downhill.

Knowing that I hadn’t had much time on GS boards, we debated if I should even travel over to Europe at all, let alone race one of the tougher World Cup GS races on the circuit. In the end we decided it would be good to get over here for a short camp (one week) to work on GS, and if things were going well we could talk about doing the race.

It ended up being a great decision as I had 3 awesome days of training on injection (& 3 medium ones on soft snow in Switzerland), figured out some GS setup questions, my GS skiing improved a lot, and my knee was a non-issue. Win win win win I’d say.

After seeing how good the conditions were for the women’s race yesterday we figured why shouldn’t I race? In the end it wasn’t a great race for me, understandable given the lack of training, but there are definitely a lot of positives to take from it.


It was awesome to be in a World Cup race again! Inspection, the start area, being in the gate, racing, it was all a blast after such a long hiatus! I’m super happy to be back, healthy, and skiing well.

A month of training before the speed season kicks off, I’m psyched for Lake Louise!