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A short 10 day break and we’re back at it already! Portillo is an incredible place to visit and train, and is definitely one of the highlights of the year for many of us.

Magnificent views, delicious food, and incredible speed training to boot! The speed track here is unparalleled at this time of year and is a challenge no matter how you approach it. Big jumps, lots of terrain, and a long, sustained, steep pitch to top it all of. It’s a thing of beauty.

I’m here with our speed team, which consists of Erik Guay, Manny O-P, and Tyler Werry right now (Ben Thomsen is rehabbing from knee surgery). I haven’t seen a cloud yet, and snow conditions couldn’t be better: hard, icy, aggressive winter snow that can be tough to find in the summer. Overall, pretty awesome!

Things continue to progress smoothly with my recovery, and I feel like I haven’t really missed a beat. I’m comfortable at speed and skiing technically well, so I’m pretty stoked!

We’re spending two weeks here, then I’ll head down to Ushuaia, ARG, to join my Combi brothers for two weeks of GS & SG down South.


Ready for a morning of downhill!


Speed Track in Portillo


Typical sunrise from just outside our door