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It’s been over a month since surgery and things are progressing well. I won’t lie, in the first couple weeks there were a few moments of “OMG how am I ever going to be able to use this leg again!?”, but I’m happy to report that it still works!

Rehab is a ton of work! Not that I expected things to be easy by any means, but I’ve been blown away by the amount of time everything takes in these early stages. 1-2 hours of physio 4-5 times per week, plus 4-6 hours of rehab and strength in the mix make for long days. Long days are good though as it keeps my mind busy and time flies by. No time to be bored or feel sorry for myself that’s for sure!

It’s tough to glamorize the rehab process, doing the same thing day in and day out, so if you’ve got any ideas for things you want to see or know, I’m all ears

I’m on the way out to Colorado to spend the holidays with Abby and her family. I usually dread the Eastern winters, but walking around without the need for full body coverage this year has been nice! That being said we need snow badly, it pains me to have seen exactly zero snowfall so far at home. Colorado looks pretty great right now though, so hopefully I can find some way to get out in the snow and do something fun!

Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S. Abby is still running a fundraiser to help finance her independent World Cup season, check it out: