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You may have seen that one of my partners for the past few years, Helly Hansen, is now ACA’s official clothing supplier (woohoo!). The fine folks at ACA have come up with a really neat idea to help us athletes raise a bit of cash, promote our brands, an create our own ‘jersey’; enter the Road to Korea jacket!

Info Sheet – Road to Korea Jacket – (Click to view the info sheet)

The front of the jacket will have my DC logo embroidered on the front, with the ACA patch and sponsor logos on the shoulder areas (there are spots available if you’re interested!). Simple mock ups and colour options are in the file linked above.

The jacket I’ve chosen is a Helly down insulator, either hooded or non-hooded. I’ve had one of these puppies for a few years and absolutely love it. Makes for a great stand alone jacket in the Spring and Fall, and a warm insulator in the winter months.

The jacket will be $500, and I’ll be taking orders from now until October 15th. Orders can be placed simply by emailing me:

If you have any questions, let me know at the email above.

Spread the word to anyone who might be interested, let’s get these to as many people as possible. Thanks for your support!

*Many have asked this question: ACA has a huge hand in making this happen (thanks!), but all of the money from this goes to me.

Dustin Cook_Road to Korea_-1

Dustin Cook_Road to Korea_-2

Dustin Cook_Road to Korea_-3

Dustin Cook_Road to Korea_-4

Dustin Cook_Road to Korea_ (dragged) copy

Dustin Cook_Road to Korea_-6