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Having just travelled across the pond for the umpteenth time, I felt this was as good a time as any to put up an idea I’ve had for a while. Obviously travel is a huge part of the ski racing journey/lifestyle and figuring out what you need/want vs what you don’t need is a part of having a good trip. I’ve always found the “what I travel with” articles in airline magazines interesting, so I decided to do my own.

This is more or less what my carry on contains on any given trip through the season, in no particular order (click for full size):

IMG_0560 copy

**Missing from this photo: ski boots! Anything else getting delayed or lost can be replaced fairly easily but finding ski boots that fit, good luck. And to the 1%ers that need zero boot work, I’m extremely jealous!

1) MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 6. If you know me you know I’m a nerd and love my tech. The iPad is mostly for reading these days (books & articles online), the MacBook gets used for computer things (duh), while the iPhone seems to get used more and more for just about everything as time goes on. As much as I love my Macbook, I’m wondering for how much longer I’ll need one…

2) Arcade belt. Non stretchy things suck and that goes for belts too! No metal so perfect for travel.

3) Water bottle, gotta stay hydrated. Protein shaker with protein mix in it, just add water. Perfect for a fairly filling snack while on the plane or car travel.

4) Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip chap.

5) Autograph cards. Safest place so they don’t get bent.

6) Vitamin packs. Never know when the next healthy meal will be sometimes!

7) Oakley watch. Stay classy.

8) World Champs medal. Haven’t traveled anywhere without it since winning it.

9) Passport & wallet. Slim wallet, super minimal and by far the best wallet I’ve ever had.

10) Oakley shades. Lots of them. The Enduro is my go-to model right now.

11) Sprott Money hat. Gotta represent.

12) SIM cards. Staying connected is important (and expensive).

13) Melatonin. Jetlag lifesaver… sometimes.

14) Lacrosse ball. Rolling out hurts so good! Feet, hips, back, shoulders, anything really.

15) Headphones. Noise cancelling for the plane, in-ear for everything else.

16) Journal. Not the “Dear diary…” kind, the athlete kind. This is what I did/tried, what I liked/didn’t, etc. Top secret (;

17) Eye shades. Essential for the plane, and occasional naps.

18) Compression socks. I won’t fly without em’. No cankles for this guy!

19) Miscellaneous tech bag. Cables, chargers, USB drives, whatever loose things that need to be contained.

20) Extra clothes. Never know what is going to happen, I’ve had bags delayed way too many times to fool around. Usually a Helly sweater, extra t-shirt, undies & socks.

And that all fits in one bag! Anything you can think of that I could add or change to make traveling a bit nicer?