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Too many things have happened in the last two months to do a big writeup on each, so here’s the lowdown:

April 5-26 – Maui, HI

Year two in Maui for Abby & I. This year was just as fun if not more than last year. I surfed every single day except two, and I improved quite a bit! Not quite ready for Jaws but that’s ok. A bunch of hooligans came out to visit us also which is always a recipe for disaster/fun.


April 27-May 18 – Edwards, CO

Although I felt like I needed a vacation from vacation after all the activity in Hawaii, it was pretty much straight into the gym when I got back to CO. Spring didn’t bring ideal weather, although I did get out on my sweet new Scott mtn bike a few times. My little sister Becca came out to CO to train at Beaver Creek with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, while I lapped around with her and tried to impart some wisdom! Having never been to Colorado before I think it was a really cool experience for her even if conditions weren’t the usual Colorado perfect that I’m used to out here!


May 19-23 – Calgary, AB

Physical testing in Calgary, always the most fun week of the summer! In all seriousness though, this first round of testing went a lot better than I was expecting (which basically means more work for me!) so I was psyched with that.

May 24-June 2 – Edwards, CO

A week and a bit of full on dryland at the MFC in Minturn. Kick ass, brand new gym a few minutes away from Vail. Huge thanks to them for hosting me this summer!


(One of my favourite pastimes, finding/drinking great beer with good friends)

Jun 3-9 – Bend/Mt Bachelor, OR

I went down to Bend to help Abby out a bit, and to mentor for SSCV. I’d never been to Bend before and I was pleasantly surprised that everything I’d heard about it was true. Hip little town, great mtn biking from your doorstep, good breweries (and lots of them!), and just an overall good vibe. Unfortunately, like a lot of the West they had a brutal snow year and things were pretty scarce up at Bachelor. As a kid I never trained anywhere that required salting (other than the occasional race), so I was completely blown away to see the amount of salt being thrown down each morning. Think somewhere around 5 metric tons, each day!!! Other than that it was a normal ski camp with kids and coaches alike putting in work. Being on hill every day, coupled with basically a full dryland program made for an exhausting week!



















Jun 10-15 – Toronto, ON

I spent the past week in the Toronto/Muskoka area. One of the highlights was a fantastic event that Sprott Money put on to celebrate my season. We had a great turnout and the whole event was a lot of fun, big thanks to the folks at Sprott for putting it together!

I’m now back in CO for a few weeks of training, biking, sun and fun. After this I’ll head back home and be around to take part in the 2nd annual Velo MSM Mountain Fest!