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The 2014/15 season is officially over. My blogging frequency has suffered due to some unforeseen circumstances(!), but I’m hoping to get back to posting more frequently during the spring/summer.

This season was a dream come true for me. If the season had stopped the day before the World Championships I would have considered it a very successful season, but thankfully that wasn’t the case!

I had what I consider a terrible race in Saalbach, AUT, which was the first Super G after the World Champs. Expectations were obviously higher, and I didn’t execute the way I had been. I was extremely disappointed with 28th, but after thinking about it for a while I realized I would have been pretty psyched to be in the points at that point last season, and that after a big result a bit of perspective was needed.

Next up was Garmisch, where I finished 18th, the best World Cup GS result of my career so far. I didn’t ski as well as in training, but I was satisfied with a top 20 there.

Kvitfjell followed and I really wanted to stack in a top 10 to solidify my season and my ranking going into World Cup Finals. Conditions weren’t ideal (something I’m starting to get used to!) but starting with an early bib I took advantage, made a huge mistake before the final pitch, and ended the day 3rd! Honestly it was more of a relief than anything, backing up the Champs result and proving that it wasn’t a fluke, (not that I ever thought it was!).

I blew my training and optimization going into the last GS of the season, where I needed a big result to move up in the standings and make it into WC Finals. I had a messy run and blew out before the final pitch. Bummer, but not the end of the world. I still ended the season ranked 26th on the World Cup Start List in GS, so I’m happy about that.

Going into the Finals Super G I really wanted to win. I mean you always *want* to win, but I knew with the way that I was skiing I had a legit shot. I sent it as hard as I ever have in a World Cup and wound up leading by a scant 0.08s as I came down. It was my first time in the leader box, and I’ve got to say it was pretty nerve wracking, but also super exciting and a great spot to spend a sunny French morning! Taking the win was simply amazing, and much like before I can’t put into words all the emotions that came with it..

After ‘the surprise’ at World Champs I remarked that I wanted to compete for the podium each weekend. I think that quote was something that people probably didn’t take too seriously at the time, so I’m super proud of podiuming in 2 of the last 3 Super Gs – not to mention ending up 5th on the season!!

My goals at the beginning of the season were to end up top 30 in GS & SG. Before the season started I honestly wondered how I was going to accomplish those, especially after the last couple of seasons. It blows my mind a little bit every time I think of how far things have come since then!

This post has already rambled a fair bit, but there’s a lot going on in my head after that absolute whirlwind of a season! For now it’s time to hit the beach in Hawaii for a few weeks of much needed R&R!

All photos courtesy and copyright Agence Zoom.



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