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When things are going well I can get oddly superstitious, and not writing blog posts was one of the superstitions this time it seemed! It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks! From the speed season opener at Lake Louise to the classic series at Val Gardena, the first month of the season has been a fun and sometimes wild ride.

Starting the season in Lake Louise I opted to do the downhill since it was fairly tame this year. It was one of the only times I’ve ever felt really in the driver’s seat in a WC downhill, and I ended up 36th, by far my best finish in the event and only a few tenths from the top 30. Going into the SG the next day I was really confident after training really fast and winning a stacked FIS race the week before. I sent it pretty hard (won the pitch split!) came through the line thinking “come on that must’ve been decent”, and was beyond stoked to see 13th place flash up on the board!

Dustin Cook Lake Louise 2014

I opted to skip the downhill in Beaver Creek to get a day of GS training and a day to recover instead. The SG at the Beav is one of my favourites. Super steep with tons of terrain on the top, jumps and terrain at the bottom, and always perfect Colorado snow. Starting 35 again I didn’t feel like I had that great of a run, with a couple mistakes and some soft skiing on the bottom pitch. I wouldn’t say I was more pumped seeing 12 on the board this time, but it was pretty close! It was great to confirm the result from Lake Louise, and to do it at my home away from home was pretty special. The next day I was 21st in the GS as well, making it two solid results on the World Championship hill!

Dustin Cook Beaver Creek 2014_2Dustin Cook Beaver Creek 2014 Dustin Cook Beaver Creek 2014_3

The trip up to Åre, Sweden, the next few days was a bit ridiculous, with our team getting in the night before the GS race. On top of that I got a 24 hour flu or something and was in the bathroom most of the first night in Europe. I warmed up well before the race but was just totally drained of energy from the travel and sickness. That combined with a super tight and tiring course set didn’t lead to a good race. Oh well, moving on!

Next up was Val Gardena, a super cool track that I’ve loved watching since I was a kid. Again I decided to skip the downhill, this time just to get some rest. It ended up being a good decision as the conditions were super tough for the downhill and a lot of guys struggled. I drew bib 4 for the Super G, my first time in the draw and first time starting in the 30! Butterflies were definitely fluttering around leading up to the start! Starting on a fresh track was predictably awesome and I skied great for the top half of the course (3rd at the halfway split), but skied too conservatively in the tricky Ciaslat section. Coming down and being in 4th of 4 I definitely wasn’t psyched! But my run held up for another 12th place finish!

Dustin Cook Val Gardena 2014_1 Dustin Cook Val Gardena 2014

Obviously I couldn’t be happier about my start to the season. I’ve known that I’m capable of results like this for a while, but it’s taken a lot longer than I wanted to get them! Thanks for all the kind words and congratulations, the amount of support I’ve received has been pretty amazing.

After spending a nice week at home at Mont Ste Marie, skiing, seeing friends and family, and relaxing, it’s time to get back to Europe and get back to business!