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Things in Zermatt stayed pretty much par for the course for the remainder of the camp. Ski a day, get weather’d out the next. It definitely sucked not having any consistency in the days we trained, but on the bright side, nearly every day that we did ski was bluebird with perfect snow. The one day that wasn’t bluebird was so incredibly bad (no joke, crust on top of a foot of dust) we just had to laugh it off and try to make the best of it. I got a lot out of the camp and am totally satisfied with how things went. If anything, the missed days made me hungrier for more skiing at our next camp in Ushuaia, Argentina in a couple weeks!

IMG_7061 copy

Waiting at the mid station to hear “We go!” or “Cancelled”. Comfy!

IMG_7085 copy

Bob, my super serviceman, and I, enjoying the final day weather.

The only other ‘plus’ of not skiing was that we were able to do a ton of lifting and conditioning work out there. Way more than usual at a ski camp. As a result I left stronger than when I got there, which literally has never happened before! So for now I’m in Park City with Abby, working out and biking for just under two weeks until heading home for a long weekend before leaving to Ushuaia.