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First on snow camp of the season! Back to our usual stomping grounds of Zermatt, Switzerland. Zermatt is a great little town with some serious views and awesome skiing high above town on the ‘Matterhorn Glacier Paradise’. Most years paradise has been a good way to describe the consistently great weather here, however this year has proved to be the exception. So far we’ve only managed to have consecutive days on snow twice (three days at the beginning, and the past two). When we have skied the conditions have been great, but the inclement weather has been rather upsetting! We have a day off today as it rained 50-60mm in the village last night, and apparently snowed 30-40cm on the glacier. What that means for tomorrow nobody knows…

The only benefit of not skiing as much as we’d planned is that we’ve been able to do some serious physical training work. We’ve been in the gym lifting, on the bike pushing big watts, or on the field playing some sort of intense game (soccer & ultimate mostly) every single day. Today is our first actual chill day, and we still went out and played soccer tennis for an hour just for the heck of it.

Being the first camp of the season, intensity is low and technical focus is high. Our coaches keep things fun and interesting while also enabling us to work hard and get the volume we need. The speed team is here as well and I’ll be training with them for the final four days of the camp while the slalom crew heads up to the Netherlands to train in a snow dome.

Training video below!

Room View Zermatt Dustin Cook

Our hotel is fairly standard, the view from our balconies however…!

Bregenz Lake Constance Dustin Cook

I flew to Europe a day early with a couple teammates so we could get our boots made at the HEAD factory. Managed to get a swim in Lake Constance before dinner and before breakfast the next day! An awesome way to unwind after a full day of travel for sure.

Scoping Lines Dustin Cook

Scoping out the lines we’d just skied.


We also skied this awesome face one of the days. Crazy rush the first time down, thing is steep!!