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CSI Training-DustinCook

Grrrr! This is pretty much my go-to face right now. Dryland season is in full swing: muscles are sore, motivation is high, sweat is being wrung from our bodies by the bucket. So, overall its par for the course at this time of year! The new CSI (Canadian Sport Institute) in Calgary has finally been completed and I have to say it’s pretty fantastic! Huge state of the art gym, athlete lounge, and all of the sport offices/testing facilities consolidated into one place. It definitely makes being in Calgary a bit easier.


CSI gym.


Athlete lounge.


Go for gold!

Right now I’m in Edwards with Abby. Working out at Ski Club Vail (thanks!) before moving over to Park City next week. The weather has been beyond awesome here and I try to spend as much time as possible outside when I’m not in the gym (the outdoor gym up at MSM is still definitely my fave!). I’ve been mountain biking a lot this summer and have ridden way more km’s at this point in the season than I ever have before: 346km & 7783m (I’ve almost climbed Everest!!) of elevation so far! I even ‘raced’ yesterday night for the first time in about 10 years. Lots of climbing and pain but it was a cool experience.


Typical Edwards day.


Looking back on the road ridden.


Visited my favorite brewery a couple weeks back. Really cool experience. If you ever find Odell beer, get some!


Awesome shot from Lake Powell a few weeks back. Definitely one of my favourite places on Earth.