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March is generally a pretty crazy month in the ski racing world and this season was no different. The final World Cup races, NorAm (or WC) Finals, National Championships, Spring Series, and sometimes some points/race chasing into April. Needless to say there is allot of scrambling going on this time of year and team budgets can get a bit thin.  As a result the team was unable to provide support for us at the NorAm Finals in Nakiska, or at Canadian Nationals in Whistler.

Having said that I was invited to a fundraiser at a private residence in Toronto last month by Mark Rubenstein, the new head of Alpine Canada, and it was a really well attended event that raised a substantial amount of money for the team. A harbinger of good things to come I think.


Happy with a couple WC spots!


Abby won the Super G title as well!

Nationals didn’t go exactly the way I wanted, aka I didn’t win any titles! But I did manage a podium in the Super G (3rd) and to get a solid FIS point result that will help big time for next season. Whistler is a great place to be and the races almost seem to get in the way of the awesome free skiing sometimes! Kidding… sorta. I need to say a humongous thank you to the Prokopanko family for housing me during the entire Championships. You have an incredible home and I couldn’t have asked for better hospitality, thank you so much!


Awesome tuning setup at the #teamproko house. Fresh air always wins.


Freeskiing with friends, doesn’t get much better!

After Nationals I headed out to Quebec City to race in the Spring Series at Stoneham. I had my trusty sidekick Sauce to coach me and ensure a good time was had! I wasn’t chasing any points this year so the races were pretty relaxed and fun.


Spring series is a great time to see those that you don’t see nearly enough. Dinner aver mes amis!


The bibs were a bit long… Phil wears it best.

For the first year in a long time I don’t have a need to chase points, which I’m extremely happy and pumped about. It was a long, fun season, but I’m absolutely ready for a break! Speaking of which, I’m on my way to Maui on Sunday for over two weeks. Couldn’t be more excited to rest some tired muscles on a beach. Although the lazing around will probably only last a day or two before we start doing every activity we can find! A bit of time passed before I could get this post up. Have been in Maui for two days and loving it. Weather hasn’t been ideal, but we’re surviving 😉

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me this year through my fundraiser and otherwise. I couldn’t have done it without you all and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far. Plenty more adventures to come so stay tuned!

As always thank you to my amazing sponsors: Sprott Money, Silver Management Group, Marler & Associates, Helly Hansen, HEAD & POC!