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The Ste Anne NorAms were a successful series for me. I managed to cut my downhill points in half, and retain the lead in the Overall NorAm standings (even after skipping the super combi!)

After the final SG in Ste Anne was cancelled, Abby and I drove straight to MSM for a weekend off with friends and family at the chalet. Other than some dryland and seeing friends, I took it easy in Ottawa for a couple of days before flying to Toronto for a very successful fundraiser put on by and for ACA. Also spent a day with my godfather at his pad in the city which was fun.

From Toronto I went back up to the chalet for the weekend to relax and watch my sister Becca win a GS race up there (congrats Bec!). I was planning on forerunning the second run of the race, but tweaked my knee doing literally nothing, and could barely slide down the hill. I was definitely a little spooked by the seemingly freak accident, but after physio and a few days of travel everything is back to normal. It ended up just being some irritation that had built up. Phew!

I’m now in Norway for two WC downhills and a Super G in Kvitfjell. The weather here isn’t looking good at all unfortunately. Warm, foggy, and rainy is forecast for the weekend, and the training run had to be cancelled today due to unsafe (read, waterskiing) conditions .. But hopefully we can race! This is one of my favourite speed tracks; fun, flowy, and fairly technical!

Norway is also the home of one of my sponsors, Helly Hansen. I figured I should show them some love in their homeland for hooking me up with amazing gear!