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A whole bunch of things have happened since I last posted, I’ll try to cover them briefly but succinctly before I get on my plane to head back over to Europe.

Beaver Creek: Close but no cigar was the story of the week at my favourite World Cup stop of the season. 32nd in the Downhill training run starting bib 79 had me psyched and qualified me to race. Skied well up top, then attacked just a bit too much for the snow accumulation and got one of my feet stuck in the pow and that was that for DH. SG was a good race minus one very costly mistake (25, 50, 35, 21 were my splits) that took me out of contention. GS was another decent race but I came up just short, 4 tenths from the cut.

From Beaver I moved over to Copper Mountain for the NorAm speed series there. I haven’t had much success at Copper, and the fact that the US Team gets about a month of training on the hill while we get none doesn’t help matters. It isn’t a tough hill by any means, but it boasts some very unique snow that I just have not been able to figure out (yet). Anyways, not a good week for me and I was happy to have a couple days off and a couple training days to shake that out of my head before the NorAm GS’s at Vail.

Vail went well. I’m confident with my GS skiing now, which is not something I’ve been able to say in a number of years. I ended up winning the first day by a decent margin and scoring a 7.26, which matches nicely with the 6 I scored earlier in the season! I won the first run of the second day by a healthy margin as well, but kind of fell apart and ran out of gas on the second run and fell back to fourth. Definitely disappointed with that day but overall happy with the weekend!

A benefit of the two NorAm wins I have this season is that my world ranking will drop from 86 to around 35 and will help big time with World Cup start numbers.

After that it was back home to spend almost two weeks(!) at Mont Ste Marie, skiing, snowshoeing, hanging out by the fire, playing hockey, and all the other fun things that go on up there. It was great to see everyone up there and get out and ski on some truly awesome snow! As always thanks for the support I receive from everyone back home!

Now its off to Italy for a few days of training before the first GS World Cup of the New Year in Adelboden Switzerland!


Making moves at Vail




Pretty trees


No shortage of snow up there this season!


Snowshoeing with Mom, Voodoo…


And Abby!