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Made it to Argentina after a simply brutal travel schedule that included a broken plane, a stay in Toronto, and door to door travel time of about 48 hours! The mountain here is definitely cool, with lots of different terrain and a ton of hill options. Unfortunately its fairly soft right now after a lot of snow the past couple of weeks, but we’re making it work.


In other news:

I’m about to do something new for me, something that definitely fits with my techy personality, and something I’d like to ask each of you to help me with.
I’ve been floating this idea in my head for a while now and with ski team fees set at $18,300 this season, I feel this is a good time to get the ball rolling.

On September 2nd 3rd, along with the roll out of the brand new website, I’m going to be starting an online fundraising campaign. Please don’t feel obligated to donate, but if you could at least spread the word, that would be much appreciated!

I’ve also gone through the process of getting a logo created (see below), and will have some great swag available to thank everyone for their donations.

I’ll put another post up when the campaign is live, which will contain more details as to how it all works.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting my dream!

Logo created and designed by the talented Jenn Cliff of