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Back into the swing of things here in Calgary. Other than a weekend trip to meet up with Abby in Montana (beautiful, by the way), I’ve been in Calgary working my butt off. Obviously the flood has been a huge deal and focus in this part of the world right now,  for good reason. It’s one thing to see the videos and pictures, but to witness it in person is almost beyond comprehension. Watch out for Mother Nature!! Luckily all is safe and dry up at the Dawson residence where I’m staying.

Our trainer is mixing things up a bit this year which has been nice. Great to do different workouts and feel new kinds of hurt! Keeping things interesting is key. Double or triple session days every weekday, with weekends off to recover don’t leave a whole lot of time for much else. No complaints because until the past couple of days it rained every single day for two weeks! Classic Calgary June..

Next up on the schedule is ski camp in Mt Hood, OR. We had an absolutely brutal five day camp there last year (rain, fog, or sleet, every single day, it was miserable), so here’s hoping that this year’s ten day camp makes up for that!

Canyon Ferry Lake. I love lake.

The Dawson’s property became lakeside real estate for a few days last week. Normally this is a farmer’s field!

Hurry your a** up! Metabolic conditioning in full effect. Going to feel this later! (c) Matt Price

Jimmy Conrad’s loving it! (c) Matt Price

Battle ropes. Feel the burn! (c) Matt Price

Robbie D mushing some imaginary reindeer. (c) Matt Price

Nice to see that I can still lay it over in slalom at the annual NCO Golf Tournament!