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Lake Powell: a sincerely awesome place that I was first introduced to last year, and seems to have now turned into an annual trip. I can’t say enough about how neat the landscape is, and how great the weather is (minus the occasional wind storm)! I arrived in Park City a few days ago after an incredible five days in Powell, with 18 people this year as opposed to (mainly) four last year. Mostly Colorado University (Boulder) skiers/recent grads, we rented a houseboat along with bringing the Ghent family ski boat (thanks Brad!!). The pictures can tell most of the story, enjoy!

Abby & I started the trip a day early, towing the ski boat and checking out campsites. Abby quickly posted up in her usual co-pilot position!

Decided to go check out our campsite from last year… More on that later.

The view from my Captain’s seat of the houseboat. Interesting vehicles to drive houseboats are. Ramming speed!

No Complaints Canyon. Spent an awesome afternoon in that unique little spot.

Enjoying a Powell sunset from the roof of the houseboat.


As I mentioned earlier, we went to check out our campsite from last year. Powell is dammed, so the water level is controlled, to a point, making for massive fluctuations in water level every year (unlike Muskoka where I grew up and water levels change by maximum of a couple feet per year). We estimated the water level was down about 30 feet (!!) from when we were there almost exactly a year ago.

^ Last year on top | This year below 


Last year ^ | This year ∨


Taken from nearly the identical spot both years (the small rock hasn’t even moved?!).. Last year above | This year below.

Needless to say this kind of blew my mind!! But still plenty of water left apparently, and we managed to find a wicked campsite that suited our group perfectly.


After Powell, Abby and I tripped over to Goblin Valley State Park to camp for another night and do some hiking. Another very cool and unique place which my pictures definitely don’t do justice to!

Big ol Goblin.

Miles of these things!

Hiking away from the park.

Some very cool natural features to go through.

Slot canyon!


Overall a really, really awesome trip and I can’t wait to go back. Powell 2014 here we come!