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As tough as it is to get motivated for a three week spring camp only a couple short weeks after a long season, this camp has been pretty spectacular.

Trees in Nakiska


We spent the first week in Nakiska really slowing things down and going back to basics (which is pretty much the theme of the camp). Lots of drills, slow skiing, and drill courses. After a weekend off in Banff we moved up to the Sunshine Mountain Lodge, right in the heart of Sunshine Mountain. Ski in ski out, no complaints from this guy, even if it is a bit ‘Shining’-esque! We spent the second week getting into real gates in GS, but still taking things slowly and focusing on skiing, not going fast. I even did slalom (stubbies) for the first time in I can’t even remember how long (sorry, no video, nobody needs to see that!). I ended the week with the speed group, getting 27 runs of gliding and GS in before lunch! Productivity at its best.

6:40am sled to the top of the mountain.

The views up top are incredible, especially first thing in the morning.


We just finished our first day of the final week up here and it was another good one. 7 runs of gnarly, minute long SG, followed by 12 DH runs on the glide track, all before 11am. Looping around on sleds for most of the sessions gets a lot done, and is, hopefully, getting my arms ready for beach season. Haha. But seriously, it’s tough on the arms. The last 3 days of the camp are looking like more of the same, with some sunny, hot weather on the docket. Bring it on!

Sitting on the frozen throne at Goat’s Eye Mountain.


Below is a video from training last week. As mentioned, no slalom in there! But a few glide runs, and a couple GS runs to get an idea of what things look like up here.