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Since my last post! Honestly, I struggled to find the motivation to write anything during the last couple months of the season. After a great first half of the year, it was tough to give up speed completely and focus solely on GS for the second half. So rather than force something down on the blog, I chose to leave it alone and focus on other things!

Hopefully I haven’t lost the interest of too many people after such a long hiatus, but I’ll be back to regular broadcasting here from now on. Also, the long, long awaited (for me at least!) design refresh should be coming in not too long.

Before I get into what I’ve been up to lately and what’s coming up, check out some photos from a few of theWorld Cup races (both good and bad!) I did this season. All photos courtesy of and Copyright Agence Zoom.


Cool angle from Sölden.


Beaver Creek SG.

Val Gardena DH

Val Gardena DH, crazy angle!

Alta Badia GS. Childhood dream come true to race that puppy!

Val G DH.

Alta GS.