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Talking about crashes of course! Towards the end of my unsuccessful and fairly short Euro trip after New Years, I fell inside skiing GS, caught my tip in the snow and wrenched my leg around painfully. Luckily the European medical system is pretty kick ass and we got in for an MRI a day after the fall to see if it was anything serious. With the symptoms and pain that I had, we were expecting a torn meniscus, but turns out it was ‘just’ a bone bruise on the top of my tibia, and a strained ligament in my ankle. Good news as far as bad news goes!

After some convenient timing brought Abby and I together for a day in Austria, I hopped on an earlier flight than originally planned to go home for some rest and physio. I spent the four days at home doing a couple hours of physio/rehab stuff each day at Santé Universelle, which is a truly great trio of clinics in Gatineau, Hull, and Aylmer. Big thanks to Marie Claire for helping me out!

As for now I’m back in Colorado prepping for the NorAm GS races coming up in a few days. I had my first day back on snow today, which went way better than I expected! While skiing I couldn’t even tell that I was hurt at all! Walking however is still pretty dang painful (riddle me that?!) but as long as skiing feels good I’m happy!

Really neat ‘anti gravity treadmill’ at Santé Universelle. Running at 40% of your bodyweight is WAY more fun than at 100%!!