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After a very hectic and busy month of racing, it was fantastic to get a nice long break at Christmas. Abby and I spent week one at her family’s wonderful home in Edwards, CO, then flew back East to spend the second week at my families Chalet at Mont Ste Marie. Fun fact: there was WAY more snow at MSM than in CO! Maybe for the one and only time in history, but hey, I’ll take it! So many awesome, fun, wicked things happened over my the break that I’m not going to write too much, so just enjoy the pictures!


Successful tree hunt in CO.

Abby’s grandpa’s 20’s themed 90th birthday!

The coolest cats.

My new HEAD fat boys!! Just a little pumped on these!

Photoshoot with the lovely Abby Ghent 🙂

Flew across the continent and found winter wonderland. This is just the over night snowfall… in Ottawa?!

Found even more schnee up at the chalet.

Seriously have never seen this much snow in the East before. Take that West….?

My first snowshoeing experience. Snow up to my waist off of the trail!

Velo MSM bike trail experience.

Abby being Abby!

Abby and I in winter wonderland.

Mom and Dad were happy that I came back for Christmas.

Spent a morning skiing with some of the MSM shredders.

I could get used to this…

Mont Ste Marie, or Antarctica?

Poor trees…