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What a wild couple of weeks it’s been! Coming into Beaver Creek I was feeling pretty confident after scoring points in the SG at the Lake, and generally pretty psyched on how I was skiing. I ripped the Super G at Beav for about 3/4 of the course, then I blew out. I was pretty disappointed for blowing out in a section that I knew would be difficult and wanted to nail. I was even more disappointed when I found out I was 4th at the first split and 9th at the second, and only .99 out when I blew out!!! Definitely a tough thing to swallow, but definitely a lot of positives to take from it. Better to charge, ski fast, and blow out than to just ski slow!

Similar story in the GS. I was skiing pretty well, was in the game at the half way point, then missed my pressure on a key turn and fell on the next. Bummer. But, still skiing well!

Being sort of in between ‘groups’ on the team, my plans tend to change quite often and with very short notice. The original plan after BC was to head straight to Europe to train for a few days, then to race the GS in Val d’Isere. After not scoring in BC we decided I would stay in Colorado and race the NorAms at Copper.

Copper didn’t go at all the way I wanted. I was still skiing well, but didn’t have the speed on that track that I would’ve liked. 5th, 4th, DNF, and 13th. The 13th was a bit of an anomaly however… You might’ve seen that bib 89 won the race, with a few other ridiculously high bibs in the top 10. Extreme weather and snow changes are the culprit, and those of us running at the front had a massive disadvantage. After the week I had that was just the icing on the cake and I couldn’t do anything but laugh as multiple people sent me messages asking “what the heck is happening at Copper right now?!?!”.

Right now I’m in Val Gardena, Italy, about to race two of the tracks that I’ve been dying to race since I was a kid: Val Gardena SG and Alta Badia GS!! Had my first run (DH training) down the famous Saslong track earlier today and it was as fun as I expected, actually, probably more so! I ended up 19th as well which I’m pretty pumped about!! Another training run tomorrow, and if things go as well as they did today, I might just end up racing the downhill..