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Finally, some World Cup points! It’s definitely felt like a long time coming from my perspective, and I’m super pumped to have broken the ice!

The weather was pretty crazy yesterday which made for a perfect opportunity to punch one in from the back. I stuck with our game plan, skied pretty well, scrapped a bit, and made it into the 2nd run in 27th. I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy in the finish line in my whole career. Definitely had a huge smile on my face and fist pumped a few times!

Second run wasn’t as awesome, but I made it to the finish and collected my first points. We all had really tough visibility that second run, so big time props to the guys who threw down, which is really only King Ted and Zampa (who also scored his first WC points, in 9th!). It was also nice to give JP some company on the result sheet, he’s been holding the Canadian GS torch alone for a long time! Obviously I’m very happy and this gives me some big motivation to keep training hard and believe in myself, not that I needed more motivation!

As everyone’s been saying, Ted is on a completely different planet in terms of GS skiing right now. Watching him in training last week, we all expected him to light it up yesterday, but I don’t think anyone expected him to light things on fire the way he did! Simply unbelievable, I’m still somewhat in shock from witnessing that smack down.

I’m heading home in about an hour, just in time for tomorrow’s Supporting Local Talent fundraising event, which I’m really looking forward to. Can’t wait to see you all there!!