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Things are pretty up and down here in Hintertux. One day (or hour) the weather is beautiful, blue bird, and the snow is great. The next, it’s pouring rain, foggy, and the good conditions have vanished. So when things are good, they’re great and we get awesome, gnarly, top caliber training! I can’t even complain about the bad weather because I’ve been having some intermittent back issues, and the off days give me a good excuse to rest it and get in shape for the next day of gnarliness!

Back in Ottawa one of my first coaches and resident coding master, Tyler Brown, is making some wicked progress on my website redesign. Not sure when we’ll be ready to launch, but when we do it’s going to look awesome.

Sneak peak #2

New black POC lid for training. Just call me Darth. Or Maverick.

Arriving at the base of the mountain at the wrong time has disastrous consequences! (Click for bigger)

When the weather is cooperating.

When it isn’t. Conrad still rocks full mirror, like a boss.