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The glacier here in Zermatt is literally called ‘Zermatt Glacier Paradise’ and it’s been holding so true to that name that it’s almost funny. I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but we’ve had absolutely perfect weather every single day so far (except for that one day when we had a scheduled day off when it rained and nobody could train).

We’re in the midst of a five day speed block right now and things couldn’t be better. six runs of 1:15 SG or DH each day is more than enough to cook the legs. Conditions couldn’t be better, the track has a little of almost everything, and everybody’s in a good mood. The forecast has been calling for some bad weather to roll through (yesterday, today, tomorrow) but so far its missed us. How long that can last, nobody knows, but for now we’re just taking full advantage of what we’re given.

My good friend Jeff Frisch was out here for the past week as well which was a nice bonus. Living in Calgary all summer, I hadn’t seen Jeff since the end of last season, so it was great to hang out and train with him again for a little while.

On our last day off we had the chance to go downhill mountain biking, which was absolutely awesome. It was my first time ever on a DH bike, and let me tell you, it’s a blast! We rode the Gornergrat Bahn to the top of the Gornergrat (10,200ft) and rode down to the village (5,200ft). Two hours of epic fun, wish I had brought my bike so I could go do it again!


And to cap things off, a short video from the first week in Zermatt. GS on the new 35m skis, and SG on the new 45m.



Chillin’ on the glacier.

Tbar line not looking so hot. The rest of the glacier is awesome though…

Nice little trail with a spectacular view.

Starting waaay up high.

The view.