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Zermatt camp started out with a minor speedbump right off the bat. My flight out of Denver was delayed by a few hours, so I ended up staying the night and flying out early the next morning instead. As luck would have it, Abby was in Denver that day for her cousin’s wedding, so after sorting out my itinerary, I met up with her and her family for the rehearsal dinner. So it wasn’t all bad and luckily I only missed one day of training!

Training has been epic here so far. This is my fourth or fifth time here in Zermatt, and it’s always been an awesome place to train in the summer. Dependable weather and consistently awesome conditions are pretty hard to find for a summer camp, but thats what we always seem to get here (hope that didn’t jinx things..).

I’ve had three straight days on the new GS boards, all on awesome snow, which is super nice after first trying them on basically garbage snow at Mt Hood in June. Adjusting to the skis is going good and bad, they take time to get used to and get the timing down on in different conditions and terrain. Biggest problem so far is how hard they are on your body! I’ve literally never been as sore as I was after three days of skiing as I was yesterday. Another hurdle to figure out and get used to with these puppies!

Other than that we’ve been keeping things interesting off the hill. We’re living in a super cool apartment not too far from the Gondola. Complete with a bridge, modern kitchen, and a patio with one heck of a view! We checked out the super scenic hike through the Gorner Canyon, high above the river that runs through down and up into the mountains. Definitely worth checking out if you’re out here!

Abby and I at the rehearsal dinner.

Clouds at the top of the training hill.

The bridge in our apartment. Love it.

The team in the Canyon.


Highest point of our hike.

Gorner Canyon is pretty neat.

Last time I checked it out, the bridges weren’t quite so solid!

Waaay up there.