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Once again it’s been far too long between updates. I was thinking about why I’ve been slacking on the blog lately and the conclusion I came to was this: I’ve been doing so much sweet stuff lately that haven’t had any motivation to stop doing that and get online! Kind of a good problem to have I’d say.

After road tripping through California, I came home for a brief couple of days before going to a good friends graduation in Lake Tahoe. Following that I headed out to Calgary for physical testing. After testing I spent a week in Lake Powell, Utah, which is without a doubt one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Following Powell it was back to Calgary for two weeks, before finally going back East to Magog for the annual Ski Team hockey camp. Along with being an insanely good time, hockey camp is also probably the hardest week of dryland of the whole summer. 2 – 2.5 of hockey every morning followed by our normal dryland schedule in the afternoons makes for some tough, long days.

But as they say, time flies. Back in Calgary this week and heading to Mt Hood on Friday for our first camp of the season. Just a quick 5 days to get on the new GS & SG boards, but I’m excited to get on snow.

Oh and some good personal news, I finally got my botched ‘slalom’ tooth fixed up nice and proper. Only 4 or 5 years later, no biggie!


Lots of cliff jumping in Powell.

Lake Powell, or a tiny portion of it.



Our duck friends.

Slacking in Colorado.

Colorado hiking.

Puck drop at hockey camp.

Team Red takes the victory!

The full hockey camp crew.

I guess the one positive of it always being cloudy in Calgary is the cool cloud pictures!