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Long time no update! Been mainly staying away from blogging and tweeting over the off season. I had a ton of fun in the month or so I had off after the season, travelling, visiting, and just generally living life away from snow! U.S. Nationals to Mammoth Invitational to a road trip up and down the California coast, good times! I’ll leave it to the photos to tell the story of the past month or so.


Powder in Mammoth. My first time ever skiing powder on real powder skis. Life changing!

Special guest Glenn Plake at the Mammoth Invitational. Long hair don’t care!

Converting Abby to a Canadian. ‘Merica!

Moved on to San Diego after Mammoth. Stayed in a kick ass hotel the first night. Sometimes you get lucky on Hotwire!

Checking out the West Coast for (my) first time.

Surfers at sunset.

Checked out the San Diego zoo.

They have a Gondola to get from one side to the other, so obviously we had to take it.

Zebra’s are COOL looking.

Hit the road to head further North. Roadside strawberry stand with the best berries I’ve ever tasted.

We (I!) drove a total of over 3,000km when all was said and done.

Checked out the Sea Otter Classic with the POC guys at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monteray, CA.

Abby’s Uncle’s crib in San Fran was absolutely stunning. Balcony outside of his bedroom.

Asian Maple in the backyard.

Front steps down to the bay.

Unreal looking flowers. Looked like they came from the bottom of the ocean.

Touring around San Fran. Alcatraz Island in the background.

Biking in San Fran is a serious workout!

Of course I stopped in at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino!

Cliff jumping at Lake Nacimiento.

Lots and lots of tri tip on a cool BBQ rig at the Lake.

My favourite spot to sit on boats.

Wine tasting in Paso Robles!

A few grapes here and there..

Big Sur State Park, amazingly cool place.


Awesome campsite in Big Sur.

Drying the tent after the one and only rainy night.

Just a few elephant seals.


Overall a really, really fun trip and a great experience. Now I’m back in Calgary for the summer to work hard and get in shape for the coming season!