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Canadian National Titles: 0 | American National Titles: 2

Looks a little strange to me but thats the way it goes! I made a last minute decision after the NorAm Finals races were cancelled to come out to Colorado for the U.S. Nationals, and things worked out pretty well! I ended up winning the Super G, scoring a career result, and finishing 7th in the GS after being 2nd in the first run.

The Super G went better than expected for sure. I’ve been skiing really well in SG all year, but the snow in Winter Park was pretty soft and peely which usually isn’t my forte. I managed to ski well up top where it was set very GS-ey, and just barely hung on at the bottom to cross the line and take the win by 4 hunnies. I seemed to be falling on the wrong side of the hunnies all year so it was nice to be on the good side for once! Kind of a funny side story to the win was that my skis were prepped and waxed by my serviceman over a week before the race happened. He got them ready in Le Massif, race wax and all. All I did was scrape and brush the night before the race. Super serviceman!

The GS also started out pretty well. I had a good run that was maybe a little conservative to end up in 2nd. I skied really well for half of the second run before a big mistake nearly took me out of the course. I managed to make it down but dropped back to 7th. Disappointing for sure, but I was happy with how I skied.

This is the 3rd US title Canadians have taken in the past 2 years (Lup won the DH title this year, I won it last year), and more than a few people joked that we weren’t going to be invited back next year! But in all seriousness I had a great time and the Americans put on a great event with fairly big crowds for their National Champs, so thanks for having us!


Racing SG.

SG podium.

Awesome, awesome belt buckle for winning.