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Generally I don’t go into Quebec expecting to need flip flops and shorts (shirts optional), but that’s what we had last week. Direct quote from an Eastern coach “I didn’t know it got this warm here in the summer!” Everybody in the East knows what I’m talking about: 20-25 degrees celsius for 5 straight days does wonders for a race hill!

The organizers did everything possible to get the races off, but it wasn’t meant to be. Weather like we had out there absolutely destroyed the hill in less than a week. All we managed to get off was an extremely shortened DH training run and half of a DH race. It’s sad that we didn’t get to duke it out for the NorAm titles and WC spots (DH & GS titles were both hotly contested), but thats the way it goes in ski racing sometimes.

Since they didn’t want to cancel everything right off the bat we stuck around, hoping something would get run. We ended up doing a lot of stuff outside, but minimal skiing because it was so soft. Had the chance to check out ‘Crashed Ice’ in Quebec City which was a really cool event that I would love to try! I wonder who would be faster: someone with a racing background or someone with a hockey background… I say we try to find out!

Due to everything being cancelled and me not racing in almost 3 weeks, I’m going to head out to Colorado tomorrow to race GS and SG at U.S. Nationals in Winter Park, Colorado. After that I’ll race another two GSs and two SGs in Vail before heading over to California for the Mammoth Invitational. Looks like a sweet event and I’m excited to be a part of it!

Beauty first day. Back when there was still snow on the Charlevoix.

Things looking good after a week of +20

Yep. That’s a slalom course below that massive dirt patch. Dedication!