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Once again in Kvitfjell I was oh so close to finally making it into the points, but was foiled by one silly turn. In the first Super G I was ripping, having probably my best run ever in a World Cup, then my inside ski hooked up in a big right footer and I nearly went out. I managed to hang on and finished in 41st which was pretty decent considering the mistake I made. The next two races (DH, SG) didn’t go as well. The downhill was a lot of fun, but I think I managed to heat seek every single hole and bump which wasn’t fast. Also, the ‘Russi Jump’ in the first training run was the biggest jump I’ve ever hit! Got a little surprised when I was still gaining elevation where I thought I would be landing!




After the races everyone usually books it out of town and heads back to wherever home may be, but we decided to stick around and train here for a few days. Great decision! The training has been awesome, some of the best days of quality training I think any of us have ever had. Full access to the World Cup track in icy, slick, tough conditions. What more could we ask for?


Gives a little perspective to how steep the 2nd jump on the course is!

Norwegian Junior Team’s timing system. I think this was first put to use during WWII…

Nice view out of the gate

Checking out said view

Julie! Happy physio = happy athletes

The Pridy brothers, loving life.

“Don’t take a picture of that you hipster!!!” – Morgan Pridy