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Crans Montana is beautiful!! It’s seriously one of the must surreal valleys I’ve ever visited and I really hope to have the chance to go back. Not only that, but the race hill is awesome. Tons (and I mean tons) of terrain without any real dull spots. However, when the temperatures on the hill are getting close to +20C, you have other issues at hand.

During the free ski on the race hill, the day before the races started, the snow was absolutely money. Hard, injected, icy, perfect. But then the next day the sun came out in full force and it was literally the hottest day I’ve ever skied or raced on. It made spring series look like mid winter! Needless to say things got slushy and only got worse as the day went on. I skied well in the first SG but was having a really hard time staying on line in the soft slushy stuff. I ended up 35th on the day only a few tenths from top-30. So I was disappointed but also optimistic for the next day. I took the same approach into the next day and was skiing well but ended up blowing out. Such will happen when you’re pushing and getting close to the edge!

The GS actually turned out to be a bit better conditions-wise than the two Super Gs. A nice cool breeze and some clouds kept the track in somewhat decent shape and I skied one of my best WC GSs to date. I was in the hunt up top, skiing well and charging, but gave it too much respect on the lower part, and in soft snow skiing with respect can cost you big time. I was happy to have skied like me in a GS finally, and I feel more and more confident in the event with each race.

Catching some air time in the first Super G.


After Crans we had a nice 7 hour drive to Munich, then flew to Norway the next afternoon. This is my second time here and I have to say I really like Norway. It reminds me a lot of Canada, and the track is super flowy and fun. I took the day off today to recover a bit and prepare for 5 days of fun on the speed track!

View from the balcony. Not too shabby.

Lots of stairs to get the hill. Worth it.

The infamous