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Here we are, a little over half way through the racing season. It’s been a bit of a puzzling season for me so far and I definitely didn’t want or expect to end up at this point in the season with the way thing have gone so far. Let’s start from the beginning…

I had an amazing summer of training, both physical and on-snow. I dedicated myself to getting bigger and stronger like never before (I’ve always worked very hard on conditioning over the summer, so thats saying something). I made big strides in my technique on the hill, which led to consistency and speed like I’d never had before. I also did a lot of work on my mental approach to the sport, dealing with frustration and negativity, bad performances, etc. Everything was shaping up for a breakthrough season.

Needless to say I was pumped and ready to get the racing season started when November rolled around. Things didn’t start well in Lake Louise or Beaver Creek (fast splits, but in the end it only matters if you finish fast!). Then things never really improved or stabilized from there. This isn’t to say that I haven’t had any results, but my skiing on race day and consistency haven’t been where I want them to be.

To say that I’m disappointed with how this season has gone so far is an understatement. I know the skiing is there. I know I have the speed. I know I can do it. So why hasn’t it happened yet? Honestly, I don’t know. Everything feels like its in the right place, training continues to go well, but things are not happening on race day.

So, it’s time to buckle down, tighten up the mental screws, forget about whats happened so far, and start fresh. Get back to the basics of skiing fast and go from there. There’s still plenty of season left to turn things around, and thats exactly what I plan on doing.