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Unfortunately the SG was cancelled in Kitzbühel the other day. However,  that did mean I had the chance to give my Dad and our friend/sponsor Howard Silver a insider tour of the famous course. The weather wasn’t ideal, hence why the SG was cancelled, but it was a really neat experience that not too many people will get to have. In the end it took us just over two hours (!) to get from top to bottom. Probably the longest run I’ve ever taken, haha, but well worth it.

The ‘inner sanctum’. We were told that almost no one gets to go in here, and many don’t even know it exists (I didn’t). Very cool with a ton of Kitz history.

Enter the Hahnnenkam

Howie and my Dad at the start

Track records proudly displayed on the start hut (click for bigger)

Red Bull athlete lounge at the top. RB knows how to do things right.

Dad and I at the start

Goons going over the Mausefalle. Yea right!

Super G start

One of the best views in the house. Exclusive Red Bull VIP stand above the sidehill

Someone built an awesome tree fort at the end of the sidehill. Pretty unique view from there.

Howie and I below the Kitzbühel logo

Stumbled upon the ‘bwin’ VIP tent during the day and became friends with the organizers of the event. Funny what doors a team jacket can open! Had a great time with these guys, thanks again!

bwin tent at night. Located just below the midway point of the track