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Adelboden is one of the classic GS races on the circuit that I’ve wanted to race since I was a kid, and tomorrow I’ll get my first chance! I arrived in town yesterday afternoon with JP Roy and Phil Brown, who is making his first ever WC start tomorrow! (12 year age gap between the 3 of us!) We got a brief glimpse of the hill before the fog and snow rolled in fast and thick. It dumped 30 or 40cm last night depending on who you ask, and is still coming down really hard! We had some decent training in Veysonnaz the past few days in some rough and tough conditions, which should be good prep coming into this race since I’ll be starting pretty far back.

View from my balcony a few minutes ago. Lots of schnee, not a lot of visibility.

I also just got my hands on my race helmet that will make its debut tomorrow. After talking with the fellow who paints them for me ( we decided on tweaking the original design a tiny bit, but left it mainly the same. Threw some gold in, a couple orange streaks, and took out a graphic I didn’t like. I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Helmet #2 for the season. Minor changes... Gold @POCSports st... on Twitpic

Thats all for now. Hoping this weather blows through so we can race in the sun tomorrow!