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I had a great time over the Christmas break these last couple weeks. Its honestly one of the rare times when I wasn’t fully ready to leave and get back to business, but alas I have little control over that!

I spent a nice few days at home before heading up to Mont Ste Marie with my family for Christmas. I was pretty burnt out from skiing after over a month of intense World Cup and NorAm racing, so I decided I wasn’t going to ski until at least a few days after Christmas. I had a great time lounging around and generally not doing a whole lot of anything important for a few days up there before going back down to the city for a couple days to hang out with friends. I had my now annual Christmas get together with my close friends, then went to see deadmau5 play at the new CE Centre.

I finally ended up skiing for a half day on the 29th, but the conditions combined with the fact that I only had GS skis quickly forced me back to the warmth of the chalet. Not to mention it was -22 that morning!! Yes I am now a wuss, too much time spent in warm European winters (it’s -2 right now here in Switzerland). I will however play hockey outside regardless of temperature! Got out on the rink almost every day at MSM to play with a good crew of parents and young racers, wicked times. It was really great to see everyone up at MSM. Everyone seemed in pretty good spirits even though there is a huge lack of snow on the hill!

On Christmas Eve my family attended the annual carolling held at the MSM lodge, and I was very surprised to be presented with a huge banner signed by a lot of the kids from the Club wishing me luck for the rest of the season. I was literally speechless when I took the mic to say thanks! I think pretty much all I managed to get out was just that, ‘thanks!’ So a huge thank you to all the kids and I hope it brings me some speed and luck for the rest of the year! I also had an extremely nice visit from our across the street neighbours, the Gilmour girls, Julia & Nicola. They came over the night before I left to wish me luck and give me a handmade card. It was really sweet, thanks a million girls! And sorry I don’t have the picture yet…

As I said I wasn’t quite ready to leave yet, but reality called and I flew out on New Years Eve (thanks coaches?!?!) to Europe. I’m currently in Veyssonaz, SUI, training for a few days before the Adelboden GS race on the 7th. It’s pretty warm here but we managed to get a decent, if a bit rough, session in today.

Hope every had a great holiday, and a happy (safe 😉 New Year!


Snow! The most I can remember at MSM in recent memory.

Too bad not much of it was on the hill… Oh well, still looked cool covering everything else!