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Had a bit of an interesting last week. I was in Panorama for the NorAm races there and ended up with two DNFs, a 2nd, and a DSQ. Two DNFs in the Super Gs, which was really disappointing. The 2nd in the first GS race was nice, but I really wanted the win. Those of us starting at the back of the flip got super unlucky with the weather, as the fog rolled in and for some reason the jury decided to send us in one gate visibility. Regardless, I attacked and did everything I could to get the win but it wasn’t meant to be.  And then I was DSQd for missing my start in the next GS. Long story, but the jury decided to throw the book at me for something that usually isn’t a big deal, without hearing my side of the story.

Right now I’m in Tremblant to race the Super Series GS races here tomorrow and Tuesday. Its nice to be home(ish) and have a break from the super competitiveness that I’ve been around for the past month. Also great to see friends that I don’t get to see all year long!

Pano snow

Hot tub steam