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So the races in Lake Louise didn’t go at all as I had imagined. DH race was one of the worst I’ve ever had, and I blew out in the Super G. Not too bummed about the DH even though I obviously would/should/could have been faster. I haven’t trained that much DH this year but regardless I expect better from myself. SG I went a little straight into an extremely rutty gate, went out into the powder and couldn’t make it back in. A bit of bad luck, as if it had been any other day and there hadn’t been a foot of fresh outside the track I probably would have been fine. What makes it even worse is that I was 8th at the first split before blowing out. My best split ever at a World Cup. I know I have the speed to compete at this level, now its a matter of harnessing that speed on race day.

Now for the apology.. I had a little bit of a snap show near the finish of the race today.. To anyone watching at the bottom who saw it, I’m sorry. That is not how I want to be perceived as a ski racer or competitor, and is not a good example to set for younger racers. It is no excuse but it had been an incredibly frustrating week and I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and snapped.

As for now I’m moving on from this week mentally and heading over to race the NorAm GS races in Aspen. Long story short our flight was cancelled tonight and I won’t make it for the first race. Pretty unfortunate but gotta roll with the punches!