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Ran two ‘warm up’ Super G races in Copper on the new US Ski Team training centre hill yesterday. Neither ended with the results I wanted but there are definitely positives to take from the experience.

It was a super stacked field, with Bode racing, a few top Austrians, and a bunch of the US guys. I’ve been skiing fast and training well this whole camp so I was confident going in. I ended up 9th and 14th on the day, which isn’t terrible, but top 5 was the goal and the only thing that would satisfy me. The snow on the hill is extremely grippy, fairly soft, “Colorado snow”. I wanted to be aggressive and not leave anything on the hill. Mission accomplished, but those tactics didn’t work super well on that super grippy stuff.

A couple things to take away from the race though: I’m happy with my pre-race routine and feel better than ever going into the gate, and I executed my plan like I wanted (even if that plan didn’t end up being the best).

Luckily we don’t ski on that kind of snow all that often, although I definitely need to work on my tactics on it. I was also feeling pretty crappy all day after our activation lift yesterday. Pushed it a little too hard and was stiff and tired from the first warm up run: as I said, working out the kinks! But excuses aside, I didn’t get things done and now I just need to learn from it and move on.