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We’ve been having some pretty epic training this past week here in Colorado. Injection and bluebird most days, its been simply money.

But why explain it in words when I can show you…

A lot of you asked for it, and here it is. My first shot at a ‘day in the life’ video. Shot during training this past week in Vail and Copper Colorado. As you might imagine its somewhat tough to film and train, but I think it worked out pretty well.

Let me know what you think!




Some facts on the vid:

Shot entirely on an iPhone 4S

Conrad is alright after his crash.

Only one Kelby was injured during the making of this video. He should be back on snow any day now.

Skiers training (in order of appearance): Erik Guay, John Kucera, Me, Ben Thomsen, Erik, Robbie Dixon, John, Me, L-P Helie.