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A little bit of a change up in this years pre season program. Instead of Nakiska we’ve opted for Colorado. No complaints from this guy! I’ve always liked Colorado and its nice to switch up the venue and get on some different terrain.

Today was our first ski day at Vail and it was pretty much as good as we could have asked for. Sunny with money snow. Injection actually, which is a little aggressive for the first day of the camp but it worked out well.

20111110-201338.jpgBlue Bird


Minus 15 this morning. Clearly enjoying the cold.

20111110-202427.jpgRobbie repping some new pink frames.

20111110-202549.jpg A few pairs of skis…

20111110-201357.jpgBen, Kelby, and my room has been dubbed ‘the orphanage’.

20111110-201636.jpgThe Mo is growing.

20111110-201644.jpg The Mo we all strive for! Classic 80s ad from the post office, fitting for Movember.