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Whew, that was a lot more feedback than I expected!

There were a ton of great suggestions and I plan to put as much of it into action as I can:

– Course walk throughs were mentioned a few times. I will definitely keep those coming. I really enjoy doing them so thats a bonus. So far I’ve covered Beaver CreekWhistlerWengen, and Lake Louise (might have to redo that one).

– More pictures. Easy to do, I’ll get on it!

– A bunch of site design comments. Some we can work on, others we can’t just yet. I’m more worried about creating great content first!

– Results: Link used to be in the sidebar. Moved it up top to the menu. Easy peasy.

– Links to view WC races.. Looks like all or almost all races will be aired online from CBC Sports. Added to the Links tab above.

– More videos! I’m really glad this was brought up so much because it was something I had already planned on doing.


So without further a due, the grand prize goes to…..

Jackson Sluaenwhite for his comment:

“It’s already a pretty solid site man, some more vids as far as life on the circuit goes would be cool, just to bring us that much closer to the action and bring us as close to the reality of being a CAST member as possible, show us what goes on out there! Also some more helmet cams vids, those are dope!”

There were a ton of comments about adding more videos, head cams, etc (could only pick one, sorry!). The behind the scenes stuff is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and with to all the posts about it/day in the life type stuff I’ll get working on something as soon as I can. Congrats Jackson!


And the other 4 randomly picked winners (as witnessed by the honourable Troy Mott via Skype):

Cole Rechan Tremblant

Todd Nolan from Edelweiss

The Skene Family from Mont Ste Marie

Kali Butler from Rossland/Red Mountain, BC  **Email me Kali! The one you provided didn’t work**


A few shotouts to some comments that I thought were worth mentioning….

Funniest is a tie between TheSauceBoss and Steve Ferwerda. Manny would definitely win a poutine eating contest hands down, and yoga poses are never going to happen! The two comments about ski hotties were well received too 😉

Worst comment goes to Jacque Reid (you left the door wide open for this one….). Nobody wants/needs to see me ski slalom! Love ya Jacqeski!

Honorable mentions to Ryan Malmberg and KC aka Mom (lol). Both very well thought out and have ideas I’ll try to incorporate/work on in the future.


Thanks to everyone who entered and have a great season!