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Well it’s a start. Not the start I was going for, but a start. I went into the race pretty confident and with a good approach but this is ski racing after all and things don’t always go according to plan! I skied the top section pretty well, which I’m at least happy about. But a few gates into the big pitch I got out of the rhythm and ruts, and that was the end of my good skiing. The pitch is super chattery starting 68 and once I was out of the ruts I couldn’t fight my way back in and ended up grinding the whole rest of the way down. Obviously thats not fast!

Finishing that far back is no fun and only provides motivation for me to train harder and do everything I can to be competitive at this level. I know I can be in there, and now its just the process of doing it. I gain experience with every race and put that towards the next one. Nobody said this was going to be easy, but the fight to get where I want to be has always been rewarding and fun.

Awesome to see JP back in the action though. He has so much fight in him and it was great to watch him ski his way down to 22nd!

I’m flying home in a few hours from Zurich. I get to spend two final weeks at home before the season really gets into swing. Next up is Colorado for preseason, followed by some time at Nakiska, then comes Lake Louise WC!

Dustin Cook Solden 2011

Skiing well up top!

Right around the time when things went sideways…