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Had a wicked time the past three weeks. Took a trip to NH with a group of friends for a getaway to NASCAR. Not a fan at all but it’s a fun weekend, and great to be with friends before the season starts and I’m away for the winter. Spent some time at Mari’s house, and of course some time at home. Also had a great time up at MSM or the Festival of Colours. I can’t remember the last time I saw the place so busy!

But now it’s back to work! We arrived in Hintertux, AUT, a few days ago and so far things haven’t been super awesome. We didn’t ski the first day on account of wind, fog, and snow. We managed to do some GS yesterday and today although it wasn’t exactly ideal. They’ve been hit by three feet of snow here in the last three days, so its pretty dang soft. On top of that, today was by far the windiest day I’ve ever trained in. Had to take the panels completely off the gates so they wouldn’t lie flat on the snow! Luckily myself and a few others will be moving over to Saas Fee, SUI, in two days to train GS on some injection leading into Sölden.

On a side note, somehow this hotel in Austria has worse internet than Chile. It’s actually blowing my mind with how bad it is!