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That’s where it feels like I am right now. Portillo kicks ass! Sunshine, wicked training, great hotel, great food, decent gym. Don’t know what more we could ask for, especially in Chile.

I’ve had two days of wicked SG and GS training so far. Moving into DH for tomorrow. Had the chance to train with Lindsey Vonn in SG this morning, and Aksel in GS this aft. Very cool to see how the best in the world operate, and especially to watch Aksel’s intensity in GS. The guy just rips all the time.

T-shirt and shorts weather every day so far (from noon on). Sunglasses are a must, brightest place ever due to the snow all around.

Shreddin’ some GS. (Thanks Coach Louis for the photo!)

More giganté.

Hotel, pool, skiing all around.

This place is gorgeous.

If you look closely you can see the start of the DH and the first 5 gates. Slightly steep.

Skis lined up and ready to go for the days training.